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Leaving a part of one’s legacy to the Franciscan friars in the Holy Land means leaving an indelible mark in the earthly Jerusalem that safeguards the stones furrowed by the Lord, while at the same time, by involving and animating the Christian communities who are heirs of the faith of the Apostles, not forgetting the living stones who keep that memory alive and fresh.

Contributing as a benefactor through a legacy in favor of the works of the Custody of the Holy Land is not only a gesture of solidarity that will facilitate the continuity of the many projects aimed at helping the Christians here, it means above above all to collaborate in the Kingdom of God, in building up the earthly Jerusalem prelude to the heavenly one.

Legacies received by the Association are devoted in their entirety to supporting the activities of the Franciscan friars in the Holy Land. The person drawing up the will can choose to allocate their legacy to a specific Holy Place, or to support a particular Christian community or the Holy Land Schools. More generally, support can be directed to projects whose primary beneficiaries are children, the elderly and families.


A handy booklet in which you will find, in addition to a description of the activities and projects of the Association, what you can do with a legacy and technical details about making a will.

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