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Enter into the history of the Holy Land

To live forever in the Holy Land

Giving away one's money to the poor is an act at the very roots of human life, because it is accepting the way of life of Christ, who “for your sake became poor although he was rich, so that by his poverty you might become rich” (2Cor 8:9). And for Saint Paul it was an expression of faith in the evangeliacal message of Jesus.


A centuries-old tradition

Making a legacy in favor of the Franciscan Friars of the Holy Land means to be part of a centuries-old tradition. Made by european kings and by pilgrims, the donations made in favour of the Custody are many since early history of its presence in the Holy Land.


Pontiffs and the Holy Land

The Roman pontiffs, throughout the centuries, have not only expressed their benevolence toward the Holy Land with spontaneous alms, but have also striven with all their might that such gestures be imitated throughout Christendom. In recent times, the popes who have gone to the Holy Land on Pilgrimage have all strongly emphasized the theme of support from the whole world for the Christian communities of the Holy Land.

Association pro Terra Sancta is the nonprofit nongovernmental organization of the Custody of the Holy Land,
our offices are in Jerusalem, Rome and Milan.

Fra Tomas

Many pilgrims ask us why we continue to stay in the Holy Land: our mission is to be here in these places that are so important for all Christians.


The months I spent in Jerusalem provided me the opportunity to listen to myself and to understand my way of being a Christian. This is an experience that I savor every day.


Working for the Custody of the Holy Land has changed my life. Thanks to the project “Jerusalem, Stones of Memory”, I am able to maintain my family.


My experience was an unforgettable one, for both spiritual and human reasons; I get excited thinking about the gifts I have received.


My father loved the Holy Land... Unfortunately he passed away a year ago, but his wish was to continue to make a donation each year to the Holy Land.

Making a will
A will is a valuable tool inasmuch as it gives us the opportunity to determine the disposition of our assets for the future and allows us to make an important final gesture that can have a lasting impact: it can signify, in a certain manner, living forever in that land which during our lifetime we loved so much.
This land is loved and desired by many.
All of us we are called to guard, to protect ,
and to feel it as ours.
It's the origine of our culture, history and religion.
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Association pro Terra Sancta is the nonprofit nongovernmental organization of the Custody of the Holy Land, with offices in Jerusalem, Rome and Milan.

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Jerusalem, Rome, Milan

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