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Most frequently asked questions

Who can make a will?

Anyone above the age of majority apart from those, who at the moment of drawing up the will, have been declared incapable of giving consent or who are disqualified by reason of mental illness.

What is the best time to make a will?

There is no specific deadline, but it is recommended to make a will when one has one’s own possessions.

Can a blind person make a will?

Yes, but generally only in the form of a “witnessed” will.

Is it possible to dispose of only a portion of one’s assets in a will?

Yes, it is possible to draw up a will solely for attributing specified assets to individuals. Assets not specifically mentioned in the will be allocated to the legal heirs, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

If I make a will, is it possible that I will somehow lose control over my assets?

No, a will comes into effect only after death, hence the assets can in no way be taken away during the life of the person who makes a will. A will can also be revoked or modified at any time.

If I leave real estate to Association pro Terra Sancta, how will it be used?

As a rule, properties that Association pro Terra Sancta receives as inheritance are sold and the proceeds used entirely to support the mission in the Holy Land.

I don’t have a big estate, is it still worthwhile to make a will?

Yes, because a will is an important tool by which you can control the disposition of your assets, be they few or numerous.

A handy booklet in which you will find, in addition to a description of the activities and projects of the Association, what you can do with a legacy and technical details about making a will.

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