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How to make a will

The simplest and most economical way of making a will, in jurisdictions in which it is permitted, is a holographic will drawn up by the testator himself which does not have to be witnessed.

There is generally no specific required form (it can, for example, take the form of a letter) but there are certain fundamental points that need to be included. Most importantly, the will itself has to be handwritten by the testator himself, without the use of a typewriter, pc or other writing device; essential elements that must be included are the date, place, and signature. The will should be kept in a secure location and, if possible, two identical copies should be drawn up, with one of these entrusted to a person of confidence.

It is also generally possible for a holographic will to be safeguarded at the office of a lawyer or notary (on payment of a small fee).

More common in most jurisdictions are “witnessed” wills, which are signed by two or more witnesses (who are not beneficiaries under the terms of the will) in the presence of the person making the will.

Regardless of the form that the will takes, it can be modified or revoked at any time by the testator.



Association pro Terra Sancta is a nonprofit NGO and hence, as a “charitable organization”, making a legacy in favor of the Association will in many jurisdictions reduce the amount of the estate that is subject to estate tax.

If you decide to make a legacy to Associazione di Terra Santa:

  • please, let us know
  • it is essential to accurately record the complete address: Associazione di Terra Santa Via Matteo Boiardo, 16 – Roma

For further informations, please contact us:
Office of Legacies
Tel: +39 02 6572453 – +39 3774336744

For further details, request our Legacies Guide. 

A handy booklet in which you will find, in addition to a description of the activities and projects of the Association, what you can do with a legacy and technical details about making a will.

Thank you for your interest.
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